How to be volunteer

The first step in becoming a volunteer participating in the Mosaic Corporate Volunteer Program is to be willing to contribute, spontaneously, committed and unpaid to the social cause. The company understands that, based on this willingness and vocation for voluntary work, it is up to the employee to act with honesty, responsibility, transparency, confidence, respect for others and impartiality, avoiding situations in which there may be a conflict of interest in the development of the Program's activities. 

There are ten main premises for participation in the program:

1. Register as a volunteer on the Mosaic Fertilizantes -Volunteers Portal, accepting the terms of use of the portal and electronically signing the Term of Agreement to Volunteer Work;

2. Respect all cultural beliefs and diversity, repudiating any type of harassment or discrimination;

3. Do not carry out voluntary actions that have a religious or political party nature.

4. Do not accept requests for resources or request resources from the government. Make partnerships and request the use of public spaces, when necessary, through the Institutional Relations area;

5. Commitments, partnerships, or requesting resources on behalf of the Program from the private sector must be carried out only with the prior written consent of the company.

6. To observe the safety and health aspects necessary for the development of voluntary activities,  considering the places of operation.

7. To take part in initiatives carried out by the local committees.

8. Limit yourself to speak publicly only about the voluntary activity performed. It is not allowed to speak publicly on behalf of the company nor the Program unless expressly authorized by the External Communication area.

9. To preserve and protect equipment, facilities, and materials eventually used to carry out voluntary activities.

10. To respect Mosaic Fertilizantes' Corporate Volunteering Policy and all other normative documents of the Program.

Who can be part of the Program?

  • Employees, interns, retirees of Mosaic Fertilizantes, their families, employees of third-party companies, suppliers, and all people who, invited by one of the first three mentioned before, intend to be Mosaic Fertilizantes volunteers, can be part of the Program, since they are duly registered on the Mosaic Fertilizantes Volunteers Portal and who participate in actions promoted by local volunteer groups.

  • Minors between 14 and 18 years old are allowed to take part in the activities of the Program if accompanied by legal guardians, who must provide formal authorization. Children under 14 years old must not carry out voluntary work. Activities must be occasional, at times that do not compromise school activity, and should not present physical or moral risks to the child.

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